R744 Pressure Relief Valves

R744 Pressure Relief Valves

R744 Pressure Relief Valves

The R744 Pressure Relief Valves has been designed by Schrader Pacific Advanced Valves for new heat pump architectures. 

Valve is suitable for R744 refrigerant application for both low and high pressure sides of the refrigerant circuits.

R744 Pressure Relief Valves protect circuits from overpressure.

The exhaust of the gas is fast and the R744 Pressure Relief Valves indicate the opening thanks to a flag.

The proposed opening and closing pressures vary according to customer requirements and calibration levels are systematically 100% controlled on the production line.

As the Pressure Relief Valves can support several opening and closing cycles, they are reusable and also totally resistant to fatigue, contrary to a bursting disc technology.

We can offer total or partial degassing of the circuit depending on requirements.

Schrader Pacific Advanced Valves Pressure Relief Valve solutions are not sensitive to temperature.

In addition, extremely low permeability level can be achieved with less than 1 g/year of R744 losses.

Other solution for R744 fluid management can also be found within Schrader Pacific Advanced Valves R744 Expansion Valves and R744 Filling Valves solution.

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